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Alderney Island Warns that Online Casino is Expensive to Run

 The UK has been introduced to the notion of online gaming. It seems that the UK is looking into acquiring laws that will make online gaming legally operated in the UK. In the meantime, the UK has been discussing about what would be the results if online gaming were to open up. Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission has stated that they are concerned about this UK decision as it may leave online gaming not as regulated as people would like. Online casinos need constant care and the UK Gambling Commission is worried that the online casinos will not be monitored enough. The Gambling Commission has also stated that although the UK legislators think that by legalizing online casinos in their country, it will inevitably lead to financial gain. The Gambling commission states otherwise and claims that running online casinos is a very heavy burden on a country. There are investment issues to consider when thinking of who would finance the online casinos and the actual personnel involved running the online casinos; it can be a burden on a country that is not prepared. The Alderney Gaming Control Commission is just concerned that the UK does not really know what they are getting themselves into and that they may not have taken all expenses into consideration. The Gaming Control Commission is concerned that the UK is not equipped well enough to handle this situation and may actually feel a drawback from it and not take it as the benefit it has been thinking having online casinos within the country will be.
As of right now online casinos are still illegal in the UK but the Alderney Isle which is owned by the UK has operating online casinos. The difference is that Alderney is run by its own government and cannot be legislated by UK policies. The government of Alderney is close to the UK but its government policy is an independent one that will not be influenced by UK law makers. However, the influence of Alderney having online casinos, does have an impact, although not legally, on the British citizens wish to get online casinos.
Many online casinos are run out of Alderney and their operation is one that is well respected in the gaming world. Alderney is being cautious about warning the UK about the financial issues involved with running an online casino. Skeptics have suggested that the worry comes from Alderney being scared to lose online casinos business to the UK, but representatives from both sides have assured that that is not the case and that there is enough business in online casinos to go around.
Another place to be discussing operation of online casinos is Guernsey which is a Channel Island very close to Alderney. The internet access and general technological level of this Island are said to be very high. One can expect that despite all the warnings that the UK may be getting, it will still do whatever is in its heart and what it wants too.

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