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Asian Online Gambling Conferences and Payment Security Issues

 Online Casino Exhibitions are the place to get the most information about the online casinos industry. On June 23, the Asian Online Casinos Expo was held in Singapore and its theme was targeted for Asian online casinos potential. As many of the exhibitions cater to English speaking online casinos players and operators, this was a fresh change for online gaming.
Suntec, Singapore is where this exposition took place and featured was Mary Grace, CEO of e-smart. E-Smart touches on the security of payment issues that online casinos players face and she is one of the leading experts in this field. Mary Grace discussed that although online casinos generate huge profit, they can bring in even more money if they would just make their online players positive that the site they are playing in is secured. She stated that not only are the players concerned with keeping their banking information confidential but also that the online casinos site will pay them when they win a hand.

Mary Grace discussed e-smart’s biometric verification system and “super smart cards” which are revolutionary payment methods for online casinos. This verification system and the “super smart cards” is said to be the most secure thing available in the online casinos world and is said to be a huge market opener for many players that only do not play because they fear the security level of the online casinos.

Mary Grace also discussed building land based casino resorts and furthermore talked about how that can be blended with online casino so that both industries can benefit. The Macau casino situation and its affect on online casino in general were discussed although no final resolution was found for it.
Macau casino investments were discussed and other countries including Japan and Vietnamese online casinos and land based casinos issues were addressed. The Asian world is really interested in entering the online casinos markets and they need the Western investors to take them up and help them set these casinos afloat. Although Japan is already a leading online casinos partner, it could grow even more if the proper investments gave it to appropriate opportunities. Many people have stated that the Japanese market itself generates a lot of profit for online gaming and investors are urged to begin business there now before it will be too hot to touch.

The Asian Casino conference discussed e-smart security payment methods because the Asian governments in general are very concerned that fair gaming would always be occurring and that this industry would not make its citizens unhappy. Whenever online casinos get established in different countries there are much legal issue to follow with and one f the biggest concerns of governments and legislators is that fair gaming will occur and people’s money will not be taken away. Mary Grace did her best to discuss methods that online casinos use in order to achieve the status of being a safe casino.
More Asia-oriented conferences are said to take place in the near future.

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