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Multinational Corporations making deals with online casinos

 The online casino industry is booming, and different worldwide businesses have decided to team up with online casinos to crate new revenues and better competitive advantages in their respective markets. In recent months, online casinos have been involved in negotiations with software developers, multinational corporations and even major soccer teams in co-sponsorship and other marketing and advertising and operations deals. In April, for example, a few online casinos teamed up with Italian and British soccer giants AC Milan and Aston Villa, and the online casinos are now the sponsors of those club’s jerseys.

Online casinos are profitable and now, even Playboy, has taken notice. What does the famous adult magazine have to do with online casinos? Well, recently, a leading software developer to the global online casinos market announced an exclusive three year licensing contract to launch a new online casinos site featuring Playboy, one of the world’s most recognizable entertainment and lifestyle brands. The online casinos and Playboy agreement was reported in a press release this week and paves the way for Playboy branded online casinos powered by the game developer’s award winning software. The developer is the leader in providing services and new technologies to the top of the line online casinos and the online casinos industry in general. The deal also includes marketing support, e-cash management, and a host of other customer support services commonly seen at online casinos. According to the release, “The site will receive prominent placement in Playboy's international printed, online and media outlets. The agreement also enables unique, 'money can't buy' promotions for players, including Playboy merchandise, invitations to Playboy-hosted events and trips to the legendary Playboy mansion. Any online poker site launched under the Playboy name during the term of the contract will also make exclusive use of CryptoLogic software. “With Playboy, CryptoLogic adds one of the most famous names in entertainment to its elite list of blue-chip Internet gaming brands,” said Lewis Rose, the software developer’s President and CEO. “It's a winning combination that met our strict criteria: a recognized brand, established user base, and global marketing strength.”

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