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Hypocrisy In The Sports World Regarding Online Gambling

 While chilling out the other night watching the National Hockey League playoffs, I was intrigued not only by the game but by what I saw around the rink. As I scanned the dasher boards surrounding the ice saw something more interesting than the game. The advertisements there not only featured local, regional and national companies but also boldly featured a block of advertisement for a chain of online casinos. I seem to recall that sports teams had places their strong support for legislative efforts to ban online casinos and their use in the United States, this didn’t seem to coincide with that thesis. Attempts to ban Americans from betting on games, playing poker and entering the casinos of the Internet seemed widely supported by the sporting industry. I believe it was stated hat "all" the major professional and collegiate sports leagues were supporting the total ban of online casinos. So what has brought on this massive leap in hypocrisy? New scratch cards are being introduced for the base ball playoffs and it seems that collecting baseball cards has taken on a whole new, rather lucrative meaning. Online casinos make a fortune from eager American bettors waiting to hedge their bets on sporting events.

In Basketball not only is there a huge advertisement for an online casino, but the announcer even mentions the chain of online casinos and poker rooms during the game. A football league has also accepted advertising from a chain of online casinos in what must have been a seriously lucrative deal. As for fantasy league games, which is prime advertising ground for online casinos, enabling people to purchase their own players fro their favorite teams. Far from banning online casinos and sports betting, the sports world is developing and nurturing the industry, introducing new and interesting ways for online casinos to offer sports betting to the American public. Rather than hearing how sports leagues are trying to prevent the growth of online casinos, all we hear is how they are working with them, a far cry from the shouts of support for right wing anti gambling legislation that was heard not so long ago.

It seems obvious that is the sports leagues were truly against online casinos they would not take their money for advertising revenues. However, money often speaks louder than morals. Lotteries logos and betting in online casinos seems widely promoted in American sports right now, yet there has been no statement of a turn around in policy. Online casinos have offered the whole world a temptation that has been hard to resist, it seems that mighty American sports industry is far from immune. This is a shining example of how American sports have no particular interest in the banning online casinos. Perhaps they will speak out against poker or people visiting online casinos to play roulette, but where there’s a buck to be made for themselves, the story reads somewhat differently.

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