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Japan May Welcome Online Casinos, as Online Casinos Worldwide Profit

 Online casinos have enjoyed incredible growth on the Internet in recent years, and this explosive expansion to markets like Europe and Asia, as online casinos spring up left and right. But, despite some controversies in the industry, the current state of online casinos is healthy and ripe with new developments and news. The latest research on online casinos shows that there are still substantial growth opportunities in the online casinos industry in months and years to come. New studies have been released showing the potential growth of online casinos. New studies have estimated that worldwide online casinos and gambling revenues were $11 billion in 2005, up from about $8.5 billion in 2004.

Online casinos are legal in the United Kingdom, but online casinos are not yet legal in the United States.
The legality of online casinos may hinder the future successes of the industry. Nevertheless, Japan is now considering welcoming online casinos and the profitable internet gambling industry inside its borders. Even though the confusing legal status of online casinos in the US is currently under debate, and adults surveyed online are divided about whether the US should ban online casinos or not, Japan seems very optimistic about the industry’s growth chances and has looked at other countries and platforms as a good example of success. A lot of different articles have been written about the increase in online casino gambling amongst the Asian nations. However, the regulations of several of these nations to internet gambling differ radically from each other, none more so than China's and Japan's. While the Chinese government remains committed to stamping out internet based gambling in China, a recent campaign to legalize both land based casinos and internet casino firms in Japan is underway and supported by the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This may, in fact, lead to a change in policy towards internet gambling in Japan and possibly even throughout other parts of Asia.

In Japan, a subcommittee operating under the committee on tourism has recommended that legalizing online casino gambling in Japan would boost the country's economy. Taxation is one area that appeals to the government and will be a main point in the subcommittee's report to the government. A full interpretation of what gambling actually means is also needed to encompass gaming at internet casinos and live casinos. The committee is expected to hold discussions on the future of gambling on the internet in Japan with several government agencies. Gambling businesses may also be asked to join future talks. Still, social action groups in Japan have shown concern about the potential increase in the online casino gaming in the country. The social groups have fears that net gambling could negatively affect the country's youth. There have even been widespread protests from charitable organizations and gambling awareness groups. In a response, the government has told protestors that their opinions and concerns will be taken into consideration before decisions are made in Japan.

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