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North Dakota Will Not Legalize Gambling

 Online casinos in North Dakota are not legal yet as North Dakota’s plea for their legalization have been turned down. Defeated in the senate, Bill HB 1509 has made promises of online casinos and online pokers disappear. The Bill came with a lot of controversy as North Dakota citizens and legislators thought that this state was not ready for the legalization of online casinos.
Scared by what it could mean for its citizens, but infatuated by what it could do for their economy, a Senate representative decided to take the Bill to the senate, to test its fate. With only four votes to back it up, Bill HB1509 has been dismissed. Online casinos have been looking for certain states to legalize the industry, and North Dakota was definitely at the top of their list. Bill HB1509 was represented by Representative Jim Kasper and supported by Representatives Connie Triplett from D-Grand Forks as well as John Syverson of R-Fargo. In a vote for online casinos legalization, four votes were for the Bill to pass but forty-four were against the Bill and thus, the Bill has fallen.

 The controversy lies in some people feeling that making online casinos illegal interferes with their constitutional freedoms and that there is no specific law forbidding the use of online casinos within the American law system. Among other things, the online casinos business enjoys much revenue and the citizens of North Dakota among other states want a piece of the wealth.
On the others idea of this argument is the North Dakota residents that think online casinos are inappropriate or just useless in the scope of their needs and wants. North Dakota fears that the use of online casinos may make people gamble money they do not have and they are afraid for the peaceful state their citizens enjoy. North Dakota has thought about the issues of online casinos for quite some time and the population seems to be much divided in where they stand on this important issue.

 Senator David Nething of Jamestown states that online casinos are not something North Dakota would benefit from and therefore there is no need in pursing the Bill. Online casinos are mostly based out of non North American countries and legalizing the running of online casinos in the states would be a different system altogether. People are interested in legalizing online casinos mostly because of the economic prosperity the online gaming industry offer for an average state like North Dakota. Oklahoma has also been said to be investigating into the legal issues. Arguments have already been made that the decision should be left for the public vote itself rather than in the hand of senate members. If the bill was passed it would have gone to the public to decide; as the bill fell there will not be any significance in a public vote. Sources have said that other states will follow suit of trying to pass their own state Bill by representatives that will allow online gaming.

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