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Online Casinos Convention sees Bingo and Skill gaming Potential

 "Online Bingo is not your grandmother's game," said one of the top online casinos in the industry’s chief executive Andrew Brunscombe as day two of the 8th Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GIGSE) went into high gear with panels discussing bingo and skill gaming. Brunscombe was referring to the different player demographic online where women in the 25 to 45 year age group dominate the online casinos bingo market worth $200 million a year that attracts 5 million players, 75 percent of them from the USA, 15 percent from the UK and the remainder in a wide range of countries with different cultures but a love for the 800 year old game.

Online casinos are looking for growth, and know that they must diversify in order to succeed. Online casinos are dealing with issues like marketing, promotions, branding, new games, software, technology, and international regulation, but these online casinos know that it will take radical moves – like maybe the success of bingo – to differentiate themselves from the other online casinos. The online casinos industry is a $12 billion dollar a year market, and with those numbers and profits, comes great competition amongst online casinos. Big bingo tournaments at online casinos are now becoming more frequent....some paying out almost a million dollars. Online casinos see potential here in this emerging market. "The space is not yet heavily competitive, and there has been little penetration of markets outside the UK and USA," Brunscombe said, adding that up to 40 percent of sites were still free play only. Brunscombe said that the versatility of the bingo module would continue, being suitable for standalone, plug-in and network applications at online casinos. An online casinos software provider president, Daniel Kajouie largely supported Brunscombe's assessment, saying that bingo was an ideal addition to online casinos and had solid potential. There was a strong element of the community in the games, it was exciting to play and socially acceptable.

The panelists were unanimous in saying that the online casinos industry needed to prove its economic viability and publicize the advantages of offering the wide range of games that were now available and essentially legal. Revenues were thought to be doubling year on year but had not yet reached the levels of other forms of online gaming. There were ongoing technology improvements to safeguard the players against hackers and robot player and these would continue to be developed to assure players of fair games. The Expo part of GIGSE opened late in the morning with 130 exhibitors, an increase over last year's 90. All the big names in the internet gaming industry were present. As the industry matures, more customers are worried about security, but there was a noticeable presence of anti-fraud and ID verification companies at the expo. These companies received plenty of attention from visitors as these new products were impressively demonstrated. The industry will now move forward, as firms and gamblers hope for new developments.

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