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UK Television Wants Gambling

 A UK television show has decided to bring in online casinos into the entertainment world. The horseracing and betting channel, notoriously known as At the Races (ATR) has decided to begin advertising their At the Races Poker. ATR is watched by a million people on a monthly basis and it is notorious for being the number one channel for betting. Its interest in online casinos comes from a survey taken about the interest online casinos players have. The majority of the online casinos players stated that they would have loved to be able to mix television with their gaming habits and cited other companies that have ventured on this idea and been successful. ATR’s interest in online casinos and specifically poker also stems from the revenue reports many online casinos have been releasing. The revenue reports show that online casinos are one of the leading industries it he world right now and as online casinos become legalized in more countries and become more well known, that number is only expected to rise. With conferences and seminars making the public more knowledgeable about online casinos, one cannot be surprised that even television shows want in on the action.

 ATR is hoping to become the number one place for online casinos players internationally and especially in Europe. They are offering a feature where their online casinos players will be able to play poker with the ATR racing presenters. Special poker tournaments will be aired on television and on the website itself. As with other online casinos, this website will be offering promotions to try to entice the online casinos players and they will be focusing on providing poker tournaments. At the Races Casino is said to have spent a lit of time talking to online casinos administrators in order to decide what online casino service provider, software developer and games to include. When signing up to this casino, online casinos players automatically get bonuses and get to join the poker rooms.

 Mathew Imi, chief executive of At the Races states that he is most interested in bringing in the gaming players that are also interested in racing and in the television show itself. It will give the unity between the show and the casino that is sure to bring in the anticipated client list and revenues. The idea of ATR making a casino and poker place online came by the fans themselves as they wanted to be able to game in association with their favorite show. Horse racers and gamers alike thought that the combinations would offer them the best of both worlds. Imi says that the show is excited to be taking on a new venture and they are expecting that based on the show’s reported success, they will also have the same success with the online gaming sites and with the gaming industry in general. The UK public in general is excited by the idea of having online gaming stationed out of a UK television show they love to watch.

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