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The Annual Reader’s Choice Awards has Casinos Anxious

 Gambling Online Magazine’s “Annual Readers Choice Awards” is said to be like the Oscars of the online casinos world. In a place where online casinos get rated and discussed, standards of the gambling world are made. Online casinos and the gambling industry in genera wait for these awards in order to see where people have placed their industry. The place that a company gets to in the Readers Choice Awards often determines what the success of the company will be for the near future.
250,000 readers read the Gamblers Online Magazine and these are the people that participate in placing online casinos and other gambling products and companies in rank. Not only do online casinos get discussed, but online casinos software providers like Playtech get a stamp of approval or lack thereof. Issues such as customer’s service, graphics, promotions and general quality of the online casinos get addressed and judgments are made. Some of the categories that get voted on are Best Online Casinos, Best Sports book and Best Poker Site.

 An additional category that has caught people’s interest is Bingo and in the Best Bingo Category, Cyber Bingo has made its mark being voted the number one Bingo site for two yeas in a row. Cyber Bingo will attribute much of this year’s revenues to their mark in the Readers Choice Awards. Voting happens on the magazine’s website and the vote is open to all people. Statistically it is those people that read the Gambling Online Magazine that end up voting and thus, making the final decisions.

 A more variable vote such as non-readers would make the results interesting. At the end of each voting period, the top 10 gambling companies in all the different categories get announced but the final winner from there only happens with the magazine’s celebrated Yearbook Edition. Although the votes are significant for all the categories, it seems that the category of online casinos gets the most attention. When speaking to Gambling Online magazine readers, the majority will state that it is the information about online casinos that makes them most excited. The industry of online casinos is the leading industry on online gambling and even presents itself as stronger than online poker. Online casinos players have also admitted to picking from online casinos to play in based on the Readers Choice Awards.

 A lot of online casinos players will admit to the huge influence, GMO’s voted favorites has on their opinion of certain sites and online casinos are anxious that there casino will make it to the number one place; or at least to the top ten. As so many gambling companies are available right now, the GMO award system is important in distinguishing different qualities of the casinos. There is always the rare case where a really great casino or gambling site does not make it to the GMO; but for the most part, they are quite accurate. The success of certain online gambling companies is definitely dependent on these reader’s awards.

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