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Casino Schools Bring in New Players

 As online casinos become so popular, questions of bringing in new players comes to mind. In an attempt to teach people who want to become online casinos players but just do not know how to play, online casinos everywhere are offering mini gaming tutorials. These tutorials are aimed at teaching potential players all they need to know about online casinos. Some of these tutorials are featured right on the online casinos sites and other schools for casino games s offered separately.

The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas offered an actual school to teach casino games to students who were itching to learn. Their passion was there for the sport of gaming, they juts lacked the skill of the game. Some of them did not even understand the fundamental basics of the game. This school for players used a television host, Mike Sexton. Sexton is a popular name among land and online casinos and he is best known for his vice in World Poker Televised Series. The school consisted of almost 50 people, many of them online casinos potential players and costs ranged until $1,500. This two day course taught the students all they wanted to know about poker. From the basics of the game to the most advanced strategies aiming for the students to come out fully knowledgeable about poker. Sexton presented on poker hand-analysis and featured poker tournaments between the players so that they can get hands on learning.

A special presentation was made on the effect of online casinos poker and how that game either differs or mimics land based casinos versions of poker. This topic generated a lot of discussions as online casinos versions of poker seem to be even more popular then land based casinos nowadays. Online casinos feature different versions of the traditional poker games and it was necessary to explain the concept of Caribbean poker, poker three and the like.

Another teacher in this school for gaming was Alex “The Insider” Outhred and his focus was mainly on bluffing, pot size percentages, implied odds and demonstrations of some of the best poker plying skills around. The demonstrations regarding land based casinos are to be used in online casinos as well and online casinos gaming tutorials are extremely important.

There have been recent talks that a similar style school will be featuring courses on online casinos games only as opposed to featuring poker. A school for online gaming would have to have a major focus on slots and video poker as they are the most popular games in the online casino. Schools of this sort when done of r online casinos players could generate a huge profit as there are so many people gaming online. The only issue would be where to hold such schools as online casinos are situated in many different locations. Just as conferences as arranged in a particular area, a school for online gaming could be located somewhere that would allow people to join from all over the world.

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