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Copyright Laws for Casino Gambling Come into Discussion

 The world poker tour television show producers in Las Vegas have become very interested in protecting its copyright. WPT Enterprises, Inc. have made it quite obvious that they plan on keeping the World Poker Tour show a copy righted one and one that will solely be in their dimensions to do what they must with it. One of the things that it has been so interested in preserving is its intellectual copyrights as they have felt that the show has generated many people to try to do the same thing.
The poker show has done so much in generating profit that it is scared that people are copywriting its ideas. They are right to worry as the onset of this poker show has brought about many other poker shows to come to life. The copywriting issues comes by the fact that this poker show has innovative ideas on it that are being presented in many sites causing it to lose its uniqueness and marketing advantage.

 Online casinos have been faced with the same problems as this show because there was nothing that systematically protected online casinos because they existed in countries that deemed them illegal. Furthermore, the western countries that are so concerned with copyright laws are the same countries that have banned online casinos and online casinos copyrights. The poker show’s need for copyright laws mimics that of online casinos and the two have much branding issues in common.
Adam Pliska whom is a general council member from WPTE has stated that the WPTE is world recognized television show and not having proper copyright laws would make the situation problematic. Satellite events and intellectual property include the TV show’s program themes being taken and hosts being offered more money is always a possibility with new show broadcasting.
Online casinos have been in similar situations with their promotional ideas being taken and even their online casinos graphical work being mimicked. Online casinos have even ad problems with their names being stolen as there are certain online casinos names that generate more traffic. Online casinos and poker rooms have had lawyers and administrators working on the copyright issues for quite some time and they are hoping to have generated new results soon.

 In terms of the WPTE, Pliska has stated that it has become a necessity to get the bets copyrights available in order to not only protect the show but also the fans as they do not want their favorite TV show being branded by a company that has no legal rights to it. WPTE has come into collaboration with such companies as Sheppard and Mullin which are outside sources dedicated to protecting copyright laws on behalf of companies like WPTE and online casinos at large. Many online casinos have turned to Sheppard and Mullin in order to have their online casinos sites protected and in order to bring other online casinos into a legal suit that will ensure that they will not try to copy from online casinos again.

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