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European players with better chance of winning online casino jackpots

 Following the recent withdrawals of all Microgaming online casinos from the United States market, the chances for the European players to win big progressive jackpots have increased tenfold. The online casinos powered by the gambling software developer Microgaming have always been known for the biggest progressive jackpots available on the internet, quite a few people all over the world have been made instant millionaires playing the games at those internet casinos. But after the UIGEA was passed in the late 2006, Microgaming ordered its licensees to stop allowing players from 11 American states. Later in 2008 the Microgaming online casinos completely withdrew from the USA online gambling market as a whole. And while US players were left without some of the best online casinos in the world, there is a silver lining for the European players - the increased chance of hitting one of those million dollar jackpots.

 Even though the jackpots at those online casinos are now accumulating slowly, considering the number of overall players has decreased, following the US gambling market withdrawal, if you are a gambler from Europe or any other country which is on the "white list" of the Microgaming online casinos, your chances are now much, much better to win the jackpot at your preferred online casino. Among the most popular online casinos powered by Microgaming is RiverBelle (official website of the casino), also known as one of the loosest Microgaming internet casino and comes highly recommended by us as honest, safe and secure. Visit this gambling website today and give the million dollar progressive jackpots at the online casino a shot.

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