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Fixed Odds an Idea for Online Gambling

 Stanley bet has announced their new Dynamite idea at a perfect time. The idea which bases itself upon the notion of fixed odds in e gaming has had internet casinos everywhere on their toes. Dynamite Idea is an e-gaming developer and they are proposing that online casinos adapt their software that will establish odds fixedly. Stanley bet, which is a betting chain out of the UK and Ireland, has decided to take on this idea and is featuring it on their site. Online casinos are said to be looking around at this software but they do not know if it will fit in with the online casinos leading software company’s products.

Dynamite idea has introduced three new games that will be appealing to the online casinos players and market in general. One of these games is the famous “Triple Spin” game which is now described as having a fixed odd system attached to it. The way it works is by a player predicting if a next appearing number will be higher or lower then the initial number one has just saw. This game would fit right into the online casinos game list and there are games that share the same principle in these online casinos sites, like Red Dog which makes a player try to predict if a card will fall in between two already drawn cards. The details are different but the idea is the same and “Triple Spin” is sure to fit right in with the already established online casinos games.

Another game that Dynamite idea will be working with is “Squares” which is a drawing numbers game uses the same principle idea as “Triple Spin” except it would allow online casinos players to bet on number combinations and will draw 6 out of 36 numbers. “Hi-Low Dice” also follows this same principle in asking a player to predict what the next dice combination will be in relation to what the previous dice combination was. These are definite games that online casinos players would want to play and the market for them will be huge.

Online casinos do not use a fixed odd system but they know that they are statistically intact as all the casinos use a random number generator. A random number generator is a guaranteed that the numbers drawn for games are random. This includes keno, roulette and many more. The games of “Squares”, “Triple Dice” and “Hi-Low Dice” would be able to use the online casinos general random number generator and would even add to the reliability of the online casinos by adding fixed odds.
Although no news of specific online casinos buying the Dynamite idea has surfaced, one can expect that the news will only come if things become final. Online casinos are always ebbing tempted by new software and new gaming ideas and until they are sure about something, they keep it discreet. However, the advantages of these games and fixed odds will not be able to keep the online casinos away.

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