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Gambling Used to Sell Alcohol

 As online casinos advertising is becoming as hot as ever, many other industries are looking to it for advertising ideas. Online casinos advertising are fresh so it is filled with new ideas and creative talent. As of right now, two major alcohol companies are even using not only the ideas but the actual content of online casinos in order to better sell their product.

Absolut Vodka has been the first beverage company to feature poker tournaments in online casinos style on its actual website. The amount of people to join this Absolut vodka poker tournament was huge and it seems to be a marketing success. Absolut Vodka used flash software which is what online casinos generally use and was able to produce great graphics that kept their players excited and entertained. The Absolut Vodka tournament mimicked an online casinos poker room using similar features of what the other sites use. This includes the play aspect and graphics aspect of the online casinos.

In terms of the play aspect, the players, like in online casinos, are playing in real time and are wagering real money. Aside from that, they followed security features that online casinos follow including determining if a player is over the age of 18 before allowing them to enter into the real time aspect of the game.

The graphics of the Absolute Vodka site were top notch quality using advanced graphic software versions that even compete with some of the leading online casinos in the market. Having said that, there has not been any specific incident that would suggest that the Vodka room poses as a threat to online casinos losing business. The general idea is that the Absolute vodka Site is only using the online casinos feature as a marketing tool and not as a direct money-maker.

Another alcohol beverage company that decided to use the benefits of marketing online casinos style is Knob Creek’s. Knob Creek is going in a different route then Absolut Vodka as they plan to use famous online casinos champions and especially poker champions in order to sell their drink. Recently signed to Knob Creek are Erick Lindgren and Howard Lederer who are infamous poker champions from the gaming world. They have been signed to a one year contract for a strong marketing campaign from Knob Creek. For now, Knob Creek has not made any announcements that would suggest they are interested in featuring online casinos games like Absolut Vodka.

As these liquor companies use gaming for advertising, one cannot forget the other industries that have done the same. There is something exciting and selling about gaming and as online gaming becomes even more popular, a lot of advertising companies are looking into see the selling potential of gaming. It has been noted that gaming advertisements have been included in many neutral magazines that normally do not seem to use gaming as an advertising topic. One can only assume that online gaming and gambling in general sells and most companies know it!

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