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 Online casinos often branch together to increase their power and vitality. An example of this is the Trident group of online casinos. Included in this group is King Neptune and Trident lounge. The Trident group of online casinos has been the first to launch Microgaming’s new summer games. These summer games have online casinos players anxious and ready to play.
One of the games to be launched in the online casino is Golden Goose bonuses which has a four part bonus feature that no other online casinos game has. Golden Goose stands alone in regards to internet peers and offers features that even beginner players can benefit from. Online casinos players have been making the necessary equipments into this new bonus package and online casinos gaming companies are inquiring into its status. Questions are circulating regarding whether or not this bonus feature will remain to stand alone or if other online casinos will try to branch on to it. Also there is skepticism if these bonus package marks the new era of online casinos gaming here the biggest feature will be exclusive promotions.
The Trident games offers slots with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The name of the slots are Totem Treasure and Winning Wizards and prizes reach $20 000. Free spins can reach up to $120 000 and jackpots are available. The spokesman for Trident, Scott Gaines has stated that players are pleased with what these online casino have to offer and they are expecting a massive players list to happen over the summer.
The themes of these Trident online casinos slots differ. Totem Treasure commemorates the North American Indian heritage. This heritage is really interesting to many players because many online casinos base themselves out of North American Indian Reservations because of legal issues. The slot Totem Treasure is said to use images that mimic North American Culture and is really unique to the online casinos slots available online now. Winning Wizards is left as a secret for online casinos players to find out as they go check out the Trident sites. But let’s just say it’s as good as it gets!
Microgaming has been the leading company in gaming software for quite some time. Their release of these two new huge online casinos bonus games comes as no surprise. They also released recently Joker Poker which comes as a huge innovation to the online gaming world. This video slot uses 50 Play Power and is already huge in many online casinos. Another recent game that Microgaming has released is Sonic Boom which is a military fighting theme slot that is said to have the players the most excited. Success rates of these new slots are sure to be reported some time in the near future.
Microgaming has so much variety in its offering of games to online games that it has become one of the most well known names in the gaming world. It has been around for a long time too, giving it its seniority.

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