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Gambling Needs to Accommodate Reservist Employees

 Online casinos and the gaming industry in general have had to face making policies regarding their workers who had to go do reserves in the Middle East. Online casinos and gaming companies, like every professional field, have been impacted by their employees going out to reserves and because of the nature of online casinos and gaming in general, eyes have been on this industry to see how the companies would cope with this pressure.
According to the already established laws regarding other industries’ policies about workers on reserves, as soon as a reservist returns to work he/she must get the same position they had before. They cannot be demoted just because of their army service. Online casinos have been faced by this and have had to be accommodating to their staff. The law also requires for the employee to still receive their health, vision and dental benefits up to 30 days with opportunities to keep their insurance rates what they are and to make payments to their insurance plans so that they do not expire.
Land based casinos have had more experience with this then online casinos as they are an older company. At this point, land based casinos have their policies established and are able to deal with citizen soldier issues. MGM Mirage has been reported to be the company that has the best benefits for their citizens soldiers and they are said to give these employees full pay while they are away. Recently, MGM Mirage was voted in the twenty five columns of best companies in the US to be supportive of their army citizen employees. This was announced by the military magazine, G.I. Jobs.
Online casinos are newer to the industry so that they have many questions regarding the appropriate way to treat their employees. It has been reported that online casinos representatives have made appointments with land based casinos in order to have more information about the most appropriate and nonprofit losing approach they can have with these reservists. There are always political issues to consider hen dealing with such topics as online casinos like to remain neutral in political issues. One online casinos representative has stated that online casinos players generally do not like to get into politics and remain neutral on the issue. However, supporting online casinos workers on reserve is not predicted to affect the success or lack there of any online casinos.
MGM’s vice president of Benefits has stated that she is pleased with MGM’s huge success in aiding employees on duty. She states that it is an employee’s right to serve his/her country and they should not be penalized in the workforce because of it. The vice president, Donna Trusler states that the soldiers have enough to think about without having to worry about having a job when they return from duty.
This states a strong precedence for online casinos to follow suit. Online casinos administrators are feeling the pressure to make appropriate and acceptable policies for their online casinos employees.

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