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GIGSE Reports on Important Seminars

 The GIGSE report has been released that updates the seminar topics that were discussed in the Montreal online casinos conference. The conference which took place over a week ago in Palais de Congres, Montreal, covered so many important topics in online casinos that a report had to be released reviewing seminars. The organizer of the event, Sue Schneider from River City Group said that she had never seen attendance so high in an online casinos conference. The conference was also sponsored by 96 different leading online casinos companies and many different presenters would be representing the companies.

American Gaming Association’s Frank Fahrenkopf gave the introductory speech and he gave valuable information on the US legal situation with online casinos. Fahrenkopf shared his expertise on what the future for online casinos could be and how the legal issues with the US are frustrating the market’s growth. He claimed that the AGA is staying neutral on this topic although they are staying informed on all the different issues surrounding the pros and cons of legalizing the online casinos. Representing the non US world was Wohlfahrt whom claimed that Europe needs regulation in their online casinos industry rather than banning.

Wohlfahrt claimed that the UK Gambling Act was a great example of how online casinos can be regulated in Europe and how it was better to be in that type of situation then to have online casinos operating illegally.

Most interestingly, was the discussion in the seminars on possibly collaborating land based casinos with online casinos in what could become a powerful network. A consensus was presented that enabled the audience to grasp such an idea and although no actual plan was resented, the theory of it stuck in the minds of the audience.

Evan Hoff from a London investigation company gave a presentation on the importance of maintaining secure sites in the online casinos so that the players would not fear using payment, methods. Hoff stated that by using risk management, fraud could be reduced to zero. Suggestions of verification technology and checking records were given out to the audience. Suggestions that fraud needed o be treated as ware-like was also present, suggesting that the survival of online casinos rests in the players being able to trust the online casinos actual site.

The GIGSE report also presents the information on customer service that is now made available. This information includes the need for 24/7 support, customer service representatives that speak many languages and understand the business of online casino completely and a general attitude among the casino that would ensure the client’s happiness first. The general motto of the customer is everything as present at the seminar.

The online casinos seminar report is available for people to refer to in order to get all the most important information about the gaming industry. It is extremely important to stay informed on what is going on in the gaming world in order to be competitive in this fast growing industry that just gets bigger.

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