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Gambling goodies: The online casino comps

 Among the many features of the online casinos, the gambling comp points (comp for complimentary) is one you will also find at the land-based casinos. Most of the brick-and-mortar casinos offer complimentary points to their patrons, but usually those comp points can be redeemed at the casino's restaurants, hotel rooms or other tangible items the gambling company may offer. With the online casinos, however, since there are none of those amenities present, the value of those comp points you accumulate is actually in real money. Every good online casino will offer a comp points loyalty program to its players, but there are differences on how the comp points are awarded and what their actual real money value is. The usual formula for calculating the comp points at the online casinos is for every dollar you wager at the casino games you get one comp point added to your player's account. This is true for every internet casino, but this is where the similarities end.

 It's very important to check with the gambling website about how their comp point structure has been based and the terms and conditions for redeeming the complimentary points. Some online casinos will convert 1,000 comp points for $1 real dollar, while some may do so at 2,000 points. Check to see how this conversion takes place. Another important condition of an online casino loyalty program is - what can you actually do with your comp points once you have redeemed them. Keep in mind that while some online casinos will go as far as letting you simply withdraw your comp points right away after redemption, other internet casinos threat the points as a bonus and have wagering requirements before you can take the money out. Every online casino, however, lists the comp points terms and conditions on its website, usually this information can be found on their promotion pages.

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