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Leading Online Casino Software Company to go Poker

 Crypto Logic Inc. has always been notorious for its online casinos software development. Crypto Logic has been around since the beginning of the success of online casinos and it is one of the best known names in that industry. Crypt Logic has decided that it is time to hit other markets as well and has delved into poker software development. Poker software is getting to be as popular as online casinos software because so many people have decided to play online poker. Online poker attracts a different market then online casinos and thus, the two are not necessarily in competition. In regards to software development it is not the issue of competition that is facing Crypto Logic but issues of attention.

 The questions circulating in the gaming community is whether Crypto Logic will continue to keep its main focus on online casinos or if it will move over to online poker as its new featured industry. Sources have said that Crypto Logic will not stop being the leading software producer for online casinos regardless of which other industries it will venture off into. Crypto Logic makes so much revenue from its software for online casinos that it would be unrealistic for them to leave this market.

 The discussions about Crypto Logic and poker began as its subsidized company Water Logic Limited has announced that it has made many enhancements to the poker software it produces and will continue to put a lot of attention getting their poker software to be top notch. The software developed will also offer online players a chance to pick poker games at their own desired speed and level with no pressure. It will take a lot of ideas from what works in the online casinos sites.

 Online casinos have always had Crypto Logic’s undivided attention but with the growing online poker market, Crypto Logic has found itself in a position where it wants to be the leader of the online poker world as well. Mr. Lewis Rose, Crypto Logic’s CEO and President stated that the poker software needs to give players maximum choice so that their gaming experience is only positive. Features like 24 hours a day customer service and the acceptance of different currencies are also things that will enhance the poker room’s success just like it did in online casinos. In online casinos, the different brands often compete amongst themselves for customers by offering great promotions and this is a practice that will be used by online poker rooms. Online poker rooms also like to use tournaments and feature famous poker champions or celebrities as a way to attract the potential player. Online casinos have also been discussing the potential benefit it would be for them to feature poker rooms in their online casinos. Although online casinos give an option to play poker, it is not emphasized the way it is in a poker room. Online casinos are considering investing in these online poker rooms so there will be a joint venture.

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