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Online Gamblers Interested in US Politics

 Online casinos are always interested in betting on world events. Whether the online casino is featuring the Jackson trial, the NBA Finals or the like, it always wants to be in the action. Online casinos have now delved into politics as they are posting odds for the 2008 US Elections. From the online casinos sports book, one in particular stands out as they have put odds on women and minority groups as potential presidential candidates for the US in 2008. Hilary Clinton is sitting at a 6-1 position while Rudy Giuliani is 10-1. Other potential candidates are Conoleezza Rice and Colin Powell whom has 30-1 odds. Online casinos everywhere are taking a special interest in these presidential campaigns because according to a political survey done on online casinos players, many of them are interested in politics more then the general public.

 Some entertaining candidates available in the online casinos poll are Michael Moore, Bill O’Reilly and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other non expected potential candidates on people’s personal lists are Oprah Winfrey and Maury Povich. No actual bets have been made on these names as of yet. Online casinos users have stated in a marketing survey that they care what political party is in power, they also care who the president is. The response rates for these surveys were high and in general, it seemed like the majority people in online casinos were more on the democratic side then any other party.

 The survey taken by a private marketing firm also showed that majority online casinos players thought it was a good ides to allow a non traditional nominee to be nominated and elected for the US elections. Online casino players were interested in a woman or an African American winning the presidential campaigns ratter than the traditional Anglo male. A comment made by Sandy Berallo, whom specializes in survey analysis, states that online casinos should not be betting on politics as it is not the appropriate place. Berallo states that it is not a representative sample and can be misleading if applied to an inappropriate industry. The numbers are not a representative sample of the population at large.

 Alex Czajkowski whom is the marketing director of online casinos sports book said the opposite of this as he says that the players are extremely political and interested in what happens within their country. Czajkowski states that the wagers by online casinos players on potential US presidents is the most popular vote bringing in one of the highest revenues from the online casinos. Online casinos everywhere are generating a lot of revenue from this presidential campaign and it continues to grow over the course of the months. In an attempt to mimic the online casinos sports books, private book keepers have also put in a presidential vote in order to try to make similar revenues. This bet has also caused many political people who would not usually game to join game rooms that have now caught their interest by the 2008 political wagers.

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