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Two Online Gambling Companies Merge to Build Player’s Trust

 The IGGBA which stands for the Interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association has just made partners with the Association of Remote Gambling Operators, ARGO. This partnership will make a new company called the Remote Gambling Association, RGA. The iGGBA represents the trade and is especially interested in online casinos. Online casinos everywhere associate themselves with the iGGBA because it is a trustworthy name in the gaming industry. The iGGBA is also interested in regulations of the trade, be there for online casinos gamers and to host many conventions, some even in their own name such as the iGGBA conference held last month. iGGBA is recognized by all Gaming councils and is based out of Great Britain.

 The purpose of these two companies merging is said to strengthen the industry of online gaming and online casinos in general will be affected. Its main focus is on presentation as the face of online gaming relies on whether or not there are trustable companies in the industry.

 Online casinos spend a lot of money using only secured software providers and aim at displaying an image of pure trust ability and they would not allow for any association to enter under their wing that was not top of the presentation ideal. As mobile gaming is going to hit the market soon the ARGO is also starting to move some attention from online casinos to mobile casinos. The online casinos market is said not to be too affected by the mobile phone market as many of them will merge into partners and some association will definitely occur between mobile gaming and online casinos. There will be more of a relationship here then there is between online casinos and land casinos because they are more in the same industry then the latter.

 The chairman of ARGO Ian Spearing said that this partnership is the strongest one in the world of online casinos and gaming in general. Spearing states that only positive things will happen from this merger and he is very happy to be a part of it. The General Secretary of ARGO, Clive Hawkswood is said to become the CEO of RGA and states that he is very excited about his upcoming position. Hawkswood claims that this partnership had been discussed for a while and when realizing its full potential it had to be jumped on. It was a careful merger that took into consideration all forms of online gaming. For example, sports betting companies, online poker rooms, bingo rooms, lottery rooms and online casinos at large are going to be represented. This merger is officially being worked out and is said to begin August 1, 2005. The money needed to invest in this merger existed as the revenue from online casinos is huge. Online casinos representatives have not released comments on the merger although online casinos will be happy with the merger because it positions online casinos with more strength. They are therefore in a strong position when discussing the future of online gaming.

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