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 Are you looking for real money online casinos; then we have exactly what you need - the best selection of real money online casinos, that also offer their customers great sign-up bonuses. That's also one of the main reason the Online Casinos Paper was created - to list the best real money online casinos and guide the future players towards only the top of the class. With online gambling becoming more and more popular by the day, considering the big savings compared to the land based casinos, a lot of people are searching the web  to find real money online casinos.  But instead of spending hours sifting through the enormous number of online gambling websites available on the internet today, you can simply visit our website and see which are the best online casinos that will let you play the games for real money. You will also manage to avoid the pitfalls of the rogue casino websites.

 What's the difference between real money online casinos and those with the play credits? Usually there is no difference at all. Luckily for the gamblers, every reputable internet casino will let you create what's called "fake money" account, i.e. an account with play money which you can use to check out the games the casino has to offer, except of course for the progressive jackpots. Now, you cannot win any money by playing the fake-money casino games, but you can get a good feeling for the online casino you have downloaded and if you don't like it - you don't have to commit any real money and could simply delete it. Needless to say a great feature of the online casinos.

 But before you rush and download a real money online casino, one must see if it allows players from your country to sign up and gamble. For example, we have indicated which real money online casinos allow U.S. players on our website's home page and which do not. The reason we show the online casinos that allow US players to gamble for real money is that most of the internet casinos today have long exited the USA gambling market and it's harder to find one that will take American players and let them play with real money. Unfortunately, the same is becoming true for Canadian players, as well, and we may have to also not which online casinos take real money Canadian players soon. Visit our home page to find real money online casinos and play.

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