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Technical online casino questions and answers

 Answers to questions about the technical side of the online casinos are pretty hard to come by, but believe it or not, a lot of folks run into troubles while installing the online casino software on their computers. Just like any other software created today, bugs are existent and with so many versions of operating systems, additional software and various browser applications, it would be a real shocker if everyone could get, download and install the internet casinos on their computers without a problem. We always stride in offering the best possible selection of internet casino guides and articles, therefore we compiled this small Q&A covering some of the most asked technical questions related to the online casinos.

 Naturally we will start with the question of how one downloads the casino. Keep in mind that this will vary from casino to casino, but since most of the internet casinos use software from one of three big gambling companies, they should be very similar. You can download the online casino by clicking on the "download" bottom which can be found on any gambling website. This action will take you to a new page where your download should begin, but keep in mind that with the new browsers, a small yellow popup will ask you if you want to download the casino. Then you will have the option to either run the casino installer right away or download the installer to your computer first. For convenience we always choose to download the installer to our computer and run it from there, but either way should be fine. How long it will take to download the online casino software will depend on your internet connection speed, usually takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The initial download, however, only covers the small part of the casino software - usually the lobby and a couple of the most popular casino games. Once the casino is installed (sometimes before that) the software will continue downloading the rest of the games in the background, while you are playing those already available. Of course, you could choose to download all the games first, before you even start gambling.

 If you choose to first download the online casino installer, make sure you know to where on your PC you are saving it. When you choose this way, you will be given the option to select where exactly on your computer you want to save the file to. We recommend choosing the Desktop, since it's eliminating the chance you will lose the file or not be able to find it when it's downloaded and you will have to start all over again or spend time looking for it.

 One you have gone through all these steps and you have installed the online casino software, there are a few other questions that may pop-up. The most frequently asked is how you connect to the online casino, once you have downloaded the software. That's simple - the casino automatically connects to the online gambling server, granted you are connected to the internet. Also, your account information is not stored on your computer, but on the gambling server, so in the future you can always re-install the casino software and after you enter your user name and password your casino account information will be automatically retrieved.

 And finally, let's touch upon another very popular question - what happens if I get disconnected from the Internet while I am playing at the online casino. A lot of people worry that if they get disconnected while placing a bet at the casinos they will lose their money. But don't worry, the good internet casinos listed on our website all have backup - if you get disconnected, the casino software takes a note of the last bet you made (whether is the last video poker hand you've been dealt or spin at the slots) and once you reconnect, you will be able to complete your bet. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes the online casino will automatically take you to your last bet, but other times you may have to browse to that game first. Either way, your bet will be remembered and you'll be given the chance to continue from where you've left off.

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