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Underage Online Gambling Under Attack

 Online gaming companies are always having an issue making sure to keep underage players out of the online gaming companies. A lot of online gaming companies software companies have started putting in a birthdates question to try to prevent underage users but as an underage person can memorize an adult’s birthday there need to be a better technique to keep the underage players away from the online casinos. Because it is all internet connected, many youths are notorious for going on x rated sites and other inappropriate sites for underage people. Online casinos are just such an example of a place like anywhere else on the internet that needs to be monitored for underage use. As visas are no longer the most fashionable way to deposit money online, third party payment companies seem to be the ones that need to implement some security technique.

 An UK payment company named Data Cash has already taken this into consideration and has delved into an agreement with BT. BT is a company that provides communication solutions and provided Data Cash with a service called URU Identification System. This system will make sure that the people depositing money into online casinos via Data Cash are really whom they say they are ant not underage people or other people trying to do fraudulent things to the online casinos. Identification questions will be asked and the online casinos player will have to know answers to question far beyond those of birth date and age. The questions will ask things related to personal records that can only be accessed via a national reference database that is part of BT’s systematic techniques in ensuring safe player gambling.

Since online casinos use other payment methods like NETeller, FirePay and PayPal it is expected that in the near future they will pickup such a system. That is not to say that these online casinos payment methods lack in the security department; simply they just have not become as sophisticated as DataCash is in its screening of online casinos.

 Online casinos everywhere realize the importance of identification in depositing money. People as young as sixteen can have visa cards and that is not acceptable on behalf of online casinos payment methods. Online casinos everywhere are aware of this but are especially adamant about it in the UK. Money Laundering Regulations need to make themselves applicable to online casinos as well so that fraudulent behavior can be met with appropriate consequences and thus, set precedence for other minors and frauds not to enter into the online casinos. Both the citizens and the actual online casinos will benefit from it as accepting deposited money from a minor can serve as a big process for online casinos. Many gaming commissions have also stated that they plan to check log books and data records of online gaming sites internationally in order to ensure that online gaming companies are taking all the measures they can to prevent underage gambling. Underage users will have to stop gaming.

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